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It is a proven fact that the right breathing techniques can give you longer lasting orgasms and prolong your sexual experience. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true in most cases. If you cannot or do not manage how you breathe during sex, your arousal levels can easily spiral out of control and bring about a rapid ejaculation. So how do you breathe the right way? Here are some tips you can use tonight!

Breathing Tips For Superior Sexual Endurance

Tip #1 – Breathe Slowly: This is the most important point you need to remember when you are trying to tackle premature ejaculation. Keep your breathing slow and shallow (and breathe through the nose instead of the mouth). Any time you feel the excitement rising and your breath quickening, slow down.

Tip #2 – Take Normal Breaths: Breath synchronization works very well. But in a high excitement situation, you will have to intersperse controlled breathing with normal breaths every once in a while. This should be done at least every half a minute. Inhale deeply this time!

Tip #3 – All about Synchronized Breathing: This is a little more challenging and may be counter-intuitive at first. But once mastered, it can secure excellent results for you. Try to exhale when you are penetrating your partner and inhale as you withdraw. Practice this as a general guideline, because it is almost impossible to implement it at every stroke.

Tip #4 – The Right Pattern: Watch yourself when you are breathing. If your shoulders are moving when you breathe, you are doing it wrong. Also, watch out if your chest muscles are moving before your stomach muscles as you breathe. Remember, these coordinated movements come with practice and will not happen in a day. If you want your breathing to be effective, you simply have to practice it.

Tip #5 – Take A Breather: You need to give your body an occasional breather if you are to get it right. Every half a minute, talk a deep breath and hold it for about 4 seconds. Remember, this breath should be really deep, so that you don’t deprive yourself of oxygen at the vital moments!

Tip #6 – Distract yourself: Every once in a while, when you are holding your breath, distract your mind away from the pleasures on your penis. Focus on other pleasure areas – for instance, the waves of excitement coursing through your tummy, your shoulders or even the chest muscles. This is a great way to keep your arousal under control.

Practice these breathing tips and you can easily keep premature ejaculation under control and enjoy longer lasting orgasms. It’s as simple as taking a breath!

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Reference: L. Kelvin Lester


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